Curriculum & Activities

We provide programs through hands-on experiences and activities to nurture your child’s development. The desire is to provide experiences that promote positive social skills, communication skills, creative expression, as well as physical and academic growth while maintaining a Christian identity. Areas of learning and activities include:

  • Language Arts: reading books, letter recognition activities, writing, and other activities. Proper language skills are modeled from the staff as well for speech development.
  • Arts and Crafts: drawing, writing, paints and coloring, different textures.
  • Science and Discovery: through reading, activities with live plants and animals, materials from nature brought in to discover.
  • Life skills: read and themed days (perhaps dress up)based on various life skills and jobs; also invites imagination in play while learning.
  • Music: listening, rhythm, and singing.
  • Motor skills: puzzles, crafts, indoor and outdoor games/ activities.
  • Physical: outdoor and indoor games and activities, and sometimes simply just let them play. Weather permitting we may walk to the park.