Bible Study

IMG_9586We rejoice in the opportunity to gather together to receive and study God’s Word. Our Bible Studies provide an opportunity for questions, discussion, historical insights, and further life application of the Scriptures.

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Sundays: 9:30am
Meets between services. Grab a cup of coffee and a snack and join us in the sanctuary. Vicar Sinatra is leading our current study, and that is a look at the Minor Prophets. 

Children ages 3 through 8th grade have Sunday School during this time as well. Classes are: Pre-school, Kindergarten, 1st/2nd grades, 3rd/4th grades, and 5th/6th grades, and 7th/8th grades.

Tuesdays, Women’s Bible Study: 1:00pm

This group meets in the classroom by the church offices. We are currently studying Proverbs.

Saturdays, Men’s Bible Study: 8:00am
In the classroom by the church offices. We are working our way the book of Genesis.