Click here to contact Cantor Zieroth to share interest in participation in other musical activities at St. Peter’s.

Other times of special music in our worship services:

We are returning to our regular music times for the 2021-2022 music year!

The Handbell choir is a 3-octave choir Malmark Handbells and chimes. A full choir has 11 ringers, though it may function with slightly fewer. If you are able to be a substitute ringer, that is just as helpful!
This group meets Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:30pm in the balcony. Repertoire includes pieces based on hymnody, hymn accompaniments, and liturgical elements. This group plays in church about once per month. 2021-22 schedule

Adult choir is an accompanied vocal choir that adds music to our worship services. They sing in both unison and up to 4-part harmony. Repertoire includes religious and spiritual anthems, liturgical elements, hymn stanzas, and hymn descants. Opportunities for solos and small groups also exist.
Rehearsals are Wednesday nights from 7:30-8:30pm in the balcony. They sing in church about once per month and for major holidays. 2021-22 Schedule

The Upper Grade Sunday School choir is composed of all students in grades 3-8. They rehearse Sunday mornings at the 9:15am start of Sunday School in the church balcony. This choir sings once a month during a worship service. They also provide a Christmas pageant on Christmas Eve at the 6:30pm service. 2021-22 Schedule

The Lower Grade choir is composed of all Sunday School students enrolled in 2nd grade or lower. This group rehearses during Sunday School closing, about 10:00am. This group sings once a month during a worship service. They also present a Christmas service at 9:30am on the Sunday before Christmas Eve. 2021-22 Schedule

If you wish to sing a solo or play on a different instrument, please contact Cantor and arrangements will be made as quickly as possible!