Revelation Sermon Series

The Heavenly Sanctuary

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No one in all creation was found who could open the seals. The singing stops as John weeps loudly, seeing that Creation is separated from its Creator. No one is worthy to bridge that gap. And it appears that the will of God toward creation will never be known, that it will remain a mystery forever.

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From the beginning, the wisdom of God has been known: “It is not good for the man to be alone.” Even in Paradise. One is the loneliest number…and powerful fears, mingled with distorting thoughts can come creeping into a person’s heart and mind when he or she is truly alone!

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Beyond the images of death, and destruction, beasts and dragons, of people falling away, and battles in heaven, it is first and foremost the apocalypse, the revelation, the fully making known, of Jesus Christ. Christ who received this vision from God the Father and made it known to His servant John. Christ who shows this revelation to John, but also serves as its subject. And His triumph, his victory over sin, death, and the powers of hell, and his reign at the right hand of the Father stand as the central themes of the book.

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