Summer Sunday School! (June-August)

This summer we will be doing something new during the Sunday School hour. We will make a splash this summer with a different style and format of summer Sunday School!

This exciting new Summer Sunday School will begin Sunday June 4th in the Fellowship Hall.  Between services, 9:15-10:15am each week!

H2Oh! God Keeps His Promises! A Sunday School for all ages, our younger age students, our middle school students, even for high school students and adults. We will hear the lessons, learn new songs, have crafts, and practical hands on discussions of God’s Word in our life.

Come and join us for something new with the timeless Word of God. Let us be devoted to receiving God’s gifts together and let us encourage and support each other as we grow together in the fellowship of the church.

Don’t forget for those times you will be away for the weekend to join us for worship Thursday at 6:30pm, each Thursday will be the same lessons and hymns as the upcoming Sunday so plan ahead. On occasion the order of service may vary, especially the last week of the summer months.