Lent Health Care Kits

This year as a congregation for Lent we will be collecting items for Lutheran World Relief and their Personal Care Kits. We will have an item each week, and of course you may bring items in anytime.

    • February 21:  Bath Towel, no bigger than 27”x52”
    • February 28: Bars of Soap (2 per kit, 8-9 oz. in original wrapping)
    • March 7: Nail clippers
    • March 14:  Bath Towel, no bigger than 27”x52” (yes, again)
    • March 21: Hair comb

Note: toothbrushes are also part of the kits and will be received, but we have an abundance from last year’s kits, thanks for understanding.

Below is a map of the most recent drop locations for the personal care kits. Thank you!