Ladies Mug Swap

A way to encourage and connect with others during this holiday season. Here are the details:

  1. Complete the information form (here or from church office) and return this form to Becky Amen by Sunday, November 24th. 
  2. Becky will send you the information for someone else by Thanksgiving. 
  3. You are then asked to get a mug of any sort for that person, write them a note, and if you want to include other items you may (candies, recipes, candles, gift card, whatever you want.) Please for the sake of all, let’s keep spending to $25 or less. 
  4. Join for a brunch and exchange at the parsonage Saturday, December 21st 10:30am-11:30am. (Children will be at Sunday School practice or supervised watching a Christmas movie or playing games at church.) Or Deliver the mug person, send via mail, or bring to Becky, though in person is more fun. 
  5. Enjoy your mug, items, and new or better connections!