Airbnb Cleaning Contracts

Since cleaning is a very personalized service, we always ask for feedback. Please send an email or let us know if there are any concerns or positive comments. This feedback is essential to better serve you, resolve issues, and share this feedback with our team members. We also send biweekly or monthly feedback forms for performance and business relationships so that we can learn and improve better and better, as well as maintain a healthy and successful business relationship in the long run. Determining the type of cleaning services you will offer will help you compare prices more thoroughly. You can find cleaners to compare prices by simply searching on Google, Yelp, or even Craigslist. When to do a deep cleaning:After a long stayIf your guests had petsBefore we start managing your sales (it`s easier to maintain our own standard of cleanliness)If your place hasn`t been thoroughly cleaned for monthsKLEENERLY suggests a deep cleaning every 4-6 weeks When choosing a cleaning company, you need to deal with the issue of emergency cleaning requests for reservations, which come at the last minute. Are they willing to make spontaneous visits and how much notice do they need? All cleaning times and schedules are the responsibility of the customer. The company must be informed of any schedule changes before 9 a.m.m.

the day of the planned cleaning. The customer is required to pay a $40 fee for cancellations received after 9 a.m. for a scheduled same-day cleaning. In the event that the same cleaning is postponed to the following day(s), but not more than four days in the future, the customer is required to pay a rescheduling fee of 25 USD. If team members arrive and are rejected during the requested cleaning day/hour, or if for any reason they cannot access the site, the customer will be notified immediately. In this case, the customer has 30 minutes to bring the team to the site. If the team still does not have access to the site after 30 minutes, the team will be invited to leave and the client will have to pay a $40 cancellation fee or a $25 deferral fee. If KLEENERLY is informed that we can access the property within one hour of our arrival on the site, we reserve the right to decide to leave the property and postpone or wait 60 minutes, for a “late access fee” of $15. ADDITIONAL CLEANING: Clean windows insideWash wallsWatering animal wasteCleaning of heavily polluted areasWaste or previous cleaning, including garages Our sales cleanings are very close to deep cleaning. Often, the main difference is the duration of the reservation of the rental by the customer or simply the state of the place. As a general rule, short-term stays require maintenance income, while longer stays accumulate more dust and dirt and therefore require more attention and a longer cleaning time. With this type of cleaning, we give the rental a complete turnover from the inside out.

Each room is thoroughly cleaned. We focus on areas such as blinds, window sills, ceiling fans, bathtubs, showers, sinks, baseboards, appliances such as refrigerators and ovens, and also pay more attention to kitchen facades as well as the interior of cabinets and drawers. KLEENERLY specializes in providing cleaning and income services to Airbnb hosts and vacation rental/short-term rental operators. Any complaint or problem regarding missed items must be addressed to the Company in writing by e-mail or SMS (please request via the contact form) within 24 hours of service or within 6 hours of check-in. If agreed, the company can leave a complete cleaning checklist for the customer with a number to call in case customers notice a missed item. The Company reserves the right to resolve any issues within 24 hours of notification. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we will address all cleaning issues. If something has been overlooked and the complaint is deemed legitimate, the company will take care of the missed item(s). Companies and team members are there to clean up. Cleaning is not a repair of damage or remedies for extreme dirt, extreme soap foam, rotten mold/mold, neglected grease accumulation cabinets, mineral deposits, etc. If team members encounter a situation during cleaning where they simply cannot become “clean”, they call the company/manager and the company/manager will contact the client as soon as possible to discuss it.

As you gain more tasks and experience in cleaning, you`ll need to communicate frequently with Airbnb hosts. After finding the most effective method for the best communication, make sure you maintain consistency. The importance of cleanliness became evident when the company released a cleaning protocol in April 2020, at the start of the pandemic. Now people have a better understanding of the importance of cleanliness in community spaces, which will lead hosts and guests to place greater importance on clean properties – probably for the foreseeable future. .