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Helps federal contractors and contractors understand the basic coverage and compliance requirements for equal opportunity laws administered by the DOL`s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). Keller-Martin is one of the leading general contractors in San Antonio, TX. Projects include sports, education, finance, medicine, office, religion, renovation, historical restoration and retail. Contact Brian or Fernando to learn more about how GCS can help achieve the strategic goals of U.S. government entrepreneurs. Our tax accounting service and advice includes the following: Tax Preparation and Compliance – Insuring. DOL`s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) administers and enforces three laws that prohibit federal contractors and contractors from discriminating in hiring and require them to take positive steps to ensure equal employment opportunity in their employment processes. The compliance function plays an important role in the success of U.S. government contractors – with effective interpretation and application of U.S. government contract requirements, it can transform regulations into competitive indirect tariffs, efficient cost structures, and approved business systems required by the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), cost accounting (CAS) standards, among others. ☑ support integration activities with state-of-the-art practices, benchmarks for government contractors help federal contractors and subcontractors prepare their annual reports on their efforts to take positive steps to employ protected veterans.

The pressure on today`s U.S. government contractors seems to be increasing almost daily. You don`t just have to deal with market challenges such as global competition, vertical integration and cyber espionage. but also with the growing demands of government officials and other stakeholders to secure supply chains and protect the United States. critical technology insights while enhancing the value of your business. Federal contractors face increasing compliance regulations and audit requirements, ranging from the Federal Procurement Regulations (FAR) and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), to labor and employment rules, to a focus on business systems and cybersecurity. Whether you are a large commercial company looking to expand into federal government contracts or a small business, including minority, emerging, current and 8(a) graduate, SDVOB, VOSB, SDB, WOSB, HUBZone, Cherry Bekaert, can help you make the most of the opportunities that arise while minimizing FAR compliance issues, DFAR and DCAA or other compliance issues with government contracts. We can help you with your regulatory issues with authorities such as DoD, DHS, GSA, HHS, SBA, USAID and the IRS. ⇨ Does the agreement include government contractors or integration activities that require ASD/ITSA? Our Government Contractor Services group has a deep understanding of the SBA 8(a) and. These requests from government officials and stakeholders stem from the terms of government contracts, which vary depending on the contract vehicle, the method of acquisition and the government`s client.

This is where our Government Contractor Services (CMS) can help. Our GCS experts offer a broad lens tailored to clients` strategic objectives in U.S. federal affairs by combining the experience of industry leaders. auditors and contract agents of the U.S. government; and an extensive library of industry-leading practices. We enable our clients` success from 3 different perspectives: Cicero`s Development Corp is a Chicago-area general contractor that specializes in renovating commercial properties, with a focus on the hospitality industry. She has been in business since 1971. Cherry Bekaert`s public procurement consultants are ready to assist you with the federal tendering, contract management and closing process. Our entrepreneurs benefit from a wide range of customized solutions in the following areas. NEWS: Brevard Business News shows the Construction Advisory Board ☑ DoD`s Internal Business Process Control Framework Alignment with Sarbanes-Oxley The following figure shows examples of contract compliance challenges when you receive a cost-based contract from the U.S.

government: We want you to have extensive experience working with us. Great work is the minimum basis. An excellent experience and an excellent result are unforgettable. We have extensive experience in all aspects of cost accounting for government contracts, financial accounting and reporting, negotiated and commercial pricing, federal procurement calendar contracts, government audits and investigations, contractor business systems and other applicable regulatory compliance requirements. We believe in strategic compliance. We try to understand, train and produce practical risk-based options that make sense for your business and your management`s risk tolerance. Check out our Uncommon Sense blog to see if our pragmatic approach resonates with you. Whether it`s buying or selling a business, our clients benefit from experienced and specialized resources. Since 1984, RUSH has been a trusted general contractor, designer/builder and construction manager for the aerospace, defense, commercial and medical industries.

It is located in Titusville, Florida. ☑ review of TSA/ITSA agreements for regulatory compliance and maximum cost recovery Because the locations of group members are so diverse, we can gain valuable insights into trends outside of Central Florida and apply that information to provide the best service to our customers. For more information on a specific area of focus, check out the following links on how we help our customers: If your company is looking for certification and audit assurance services based on integrity and objectivity. Professionals from various backgrounds, including country, former industry and former government. This mix of background helps our clients understand issues on both sides, resulting in better and faster results. ☑ Support combines cost accounting and indirect rate structure due to realignment Based in Wilmar, MN, TerWisscha Construction, Inc., provides services ranging from architectural design to construction services in markets such as veterinarians, dentists and funeral homes. In addition to its semi-annual meetings, the Entrepreneur Advisory Council also issues monthly calls for a similar and shortened discussion. As a government contractor, your business faces increasing complexity and scrutiny when it comes to winning and executing federal contracts. If you`re trying to optimize your financial performance and profitable growth, it`s important to have a reliable and advisory consultant who understands your industry, provides customized solutions, and keeps you moving forward. As the CMMC`s Chartered Practitioner Organization (RPO), Cherry Bekaert helps organizations seeking certification (“OSC”) navigate. Maintaining the growth and profitability of your business depends largely on the effective use of compensation. ⇨ Do you want to improve price competitiveness, develop your contract vehicles or enter into a partnership with the United States? Should the government develop new products? Customers rate us 9.8 out of 10 when asked to answer a question on a scale of 1 to 10.

“Are you going to refer Baker Tilly to a friend?” We believe that the satisfaction of our customers and the satisfaction of our employees are linked, which is reflected in our “Best Place to Work” awards. Once a business has grown in Program 8(a), there are new barriers. The Contractors` Advisory Council was formed by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). The purpose of the group is to make each other available to each other in a resource- and support-oriented manner as owners of comparable businesses and not to be in direct competition with each other. Distance ensures that competition is not an issue. From the first important decisions companies make to become an 8(a) to the first single source. .